GAIN proudly brings together a wide range of community development organizations, government agencies and social programs.  We provide resources and information for our member organizations while facilitating learning among them so that policy makers and frontline service providers maintain a strong understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing at risk youth in our community.

Who We Are

The Gang Action Interagency Network (GAIN) is a network of agencies, government and law enforcement officials, working on grass roots solution to the gang problem in Winnipeg.  GAIN is a network committed to taking action to address and solve the gang problem by building on research, current practices, and developing the resources needed to prevent youth from joining gangs and help youth get out of gangs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to collaborate community resources, consistently share service and awareness information, build strong relationships within agencies and the community and address the needs of our clients. We will achieve this by sharing information about what everyone is doing with regards to gang prevention, intervention or exit options.. Membership to the committee is welcome and flexible. There is no box to fit in to qualify. You and/or your agency are welcome to sign up or sign off of the committee membership at anytime. The commitment is overall communication between all systems of community and justice.

Our Vision

GAIN was originally formed with support of the provincial government to build on the success of other networks in the province.  With  members from about 25 Winnipeg agencies and organizations.  Three years ago, the committee had a PATH session, a process designed to help individuals or groups plan the path to their dream. Our dream was “to have none of our youth in street gangs”. The intent is to create a “go to” network for government and media outlets who are looking for anti-gang expertise, and eventually, create and maintain an effective, one-stop-shop network for parents of youth at risk and members who desire to exit the gang life.

The Government of Manitoba works in collaboration with the community agencies involved with GAIN. The government of Manitoba supports GAINs vision to collect information in initiatives that address gang issues. While Manitoba is connected to GAIN, GAIN doesn’t necessarily reflect the vision of the Manitoba Government.

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